Veneer smile

Veneers are a porcelain covering over the teeth. They are used to treat dicoloring, chiped, or slightly crooked teeth. The aesthetic value of veneers are unmatched allowing for a clean beautiful transformation. They allow for a complete change in you smile with as little as three visits. You will have input into the new shape, color, and look of your new smile. Once a plan is discussed, your doctor will start preparation for the veneers and take an impression of your teeth. Your veneers will need to be fabricated at a lab and this process can take up to two weeks to complete. Once the veneers are finalized they will feel the same as your natural teeth and the bonding used will last a very long time. If you are thinking about whitening or receiving orthodontics, make sure to ask your doctor if you are a candidate for this procedure. It might be the solution you are waiting for.