Mini Implants

mini implant graphic

As the name suggests mini implants are much smaller than a regular implant. Their diameter is roughly half the size of a normal implant leading to them being used in situations where a normal implant cannot be used such as; narrow spaces between teeth, or with bone that cannot take normal fixtures. 

Mini implants differ from regular implants in that they do not take single replacement teeth in the form of crowns. Instead they have ball bearings on their ends which are fitted to hold dentures securely in place while allowing them to be removed for regular cleaning.  The procedure for placing mini implants is similar to regular implants except the procedure is much less invasive and the recovery times are quicker. 

Your doctor will have special instructions for post care of your new mini implants. After the initial procedure you will be given instructions to best fit  your specific case and help with a speedy recovery.

After the recovery period, caring for your mini implants is easy. Normal Denture care is needed as well as special treatment for the implant posts. Just like normal teeth these posts will collect plaque and bacteria, so you will need to brush your posts as you would normal teeth. This way you can maintain a winning smile.